bullet PUBLICATIONS (1996-2012)

Monthly Fertilizer Review
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2010-11
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews (12 issues).
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2009-10
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews (12 issues).
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2008-09
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews (12 issues).
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2007-08
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews (12 issues).
bullet Proceedings of symposium on Balanced fertilizer use: impact on crop production
bullet Pakistan Fertilizer Related Statistics-2008.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2006-07
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2005-06
bullet Balanced Fertilization through Phosphate Promotion at Farm level.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2004-05, 136pp.

The impact of deregulation on the fertilizer sector and crop productivity in Pakistan, 92pp.

bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reviews.

Annual Fertilizer Review 2003-04, 136pp.


Fertilizer Use Survey at Farm Level, 126pp.


Monthly Fertilizer Review (10 issues).


Fertilizer use by crop in Pakistan.


Brochure on Balanced Fertilizer Use-2004. 

bullet Guide "Fertilizers and their use in Pakistan, 2003" Joint FAO-NFDC Publication 245pp.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2002-03, 136pp.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Review Reports-12 Issues.
bullet Management of Natural Resources for Food Security, 2004.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2001-02.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Review Reports-12 Issues.
bullet Fertilizer prices : subsidy - opportunity cost, 2003.
bullet Fertilizer Use : Impact on Agriculture and Climate, 2003.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 2000-01.
bullet Pakistan Fertilizer Related Statistics-2002.
bullet Pesticides Use and Its Impact: Farm Level Survey-2002.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Review Reports-12 Issues.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review 1999-00.
bullet Fertilizer Use Survey 2000.
bullet Proceedings of Symposium on Integrated Plant Nutrition Management (IPNM), 2000.
bullet Balanced Fertilization Through Phosphate Promotion, 2001.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Review Reports-12 Issues.
bullet NFDC Highlights 1998/99.  October, 1999.
bullet Fertilizer Update, VII(1-4), December 1999.
bullet Fertilizer Review 1998/99.  January, 2000.
bullet Proceeding of Conference Agriculture and Fertilizer Use 2010.  October, 1999.
bullet Fertilizer Use Survey 1998/99. March, 2000.
bullet Fertilizer Review 1999/00.  January, 2000. 
bullet Monthly Fertilizer Reports (12 Issue.) July 1999 to June, 2000.
bullet NFDC Highlights 1999/00.  November, 2000 On Special Request. Limited Copies.
bullet Proceedings of Symposium on Int. plant Nut. System IPNS, November 8-11, 2000.
bullet Proceedings of Workshop on Fertilizer policy, November 11-12, 1999.
bullet Proceedings of the regional workshop on Fertilizer Adulteration and Quality Control Fertilizer Adulteration in Pakistan  January, 1998.
bullet Integrated Plant Nutrition Systems (IPNS). January, 1998.
bullet Supply Marketing, Distribution and Use of Fertilizers in Pakistan. June,1998.
bullet Micronutrients in Agriculture: Pakistan Perspective.  July 1998.
bullet Fertilizer related statistics. August, 1998.
bullet Proceedings of Symposium  on Plant Nutrition Management for Sustainable Agriculture Growth. December, 1998
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review. 1997-98. October, 1998.
bullet Crop response to fertilizer. December, 1998.
bullet Proceedings of training course on Fertilizer Marketing. December, 1998.
bullet Monthly fertilizer review, (12 issues). 1998.
bullet Plant nutrition for sustainable agricultural development in Pakistan. TF/PAK/003/FIA-Field document  no.1-3. May, 1998.
bullet Study for the recommissioning of the prediction of SSP fertilizer in Pakistan Asia pacific. NFDC report September 1998.
bullet The fertilizer sector in Pakistan: its structure, performance and privatisation process. World bank/NFDC report of MINFAL. September, 1998 (Limited Circulation).
bullet Fertilizer Update. Vol. VI (4, 1-2) Jan - June 1998. 
bullet Proceedings of Symposium on Plant Nutrition Management for Sustainable Agricultural Growth. December,1998.
bullet Annual Fertilizer Review, 1996-97, November , 1997.
bullet Fertilizer Recommendations in Pakistan, September, 1997.
bullet Fertilizer Research Review Kharif, 1997 and Rabi, 1996-97. December, 1997.
bullet Fertilizer Update, Vol. V(1-3) Jan-September, 1997.
bullet Monthly Fertilizer reports (12 issues) 1997.
bullet Fertilizer supply consumption and prices, 1997.
bullet Grow more Wheat: Through Balanced Fertilizer Use.. 1997.
bullet NFDC Highlights, 1995. March, 1996.
bullet An assessment of fertilizer use practices during Rabi 1994-95. January, 1996.
bullet Plant nutrition policies and strategies for sustainable agricultural development in Pakistan. Extension Summary: March, 1996.
bullet Fertilizer and their use in Pakistan. Extension Guide. March, 1996.
bullet Fertilizer use on Wheat: Farm level Survey. April, 1996.
bullet Effect of Potassium Application on Soils, Plants and Yield on Genetically different Soils in Pakistan. June, 1996.


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